Welcome to Stemar

Our mission is to provide sound technically competitive
solutions for Transformers, Metering and Distribution components


Customer Specials

Stemar's motto “let your need be our challenge" is the driving force behind Stemar's engineers meeting customer requirements that meet specific, special applications and designs.

Stemar's aim is to always provide sound technical solutions at the most economical price.

We have built a reputation for solving specific needs for distribution, metering and protection equipment.

Stemar has been involved in supplying the following:

  • 11kV Alternator neutral connectors with in built differential CT's
  • Complete summation schemes for energy monitoring using both magentic and electronic summation
  • Custom designed Core Balance units for the installation on exisitng 11kV systems.
  • Incomer restricted earth fault protection CT's including all calculations
  • Special Busbar systems with integral CT's for applications in 11kV systems in harsh environments.
  • 11kV Neutral Earthing Cubicles inclusive of protection CT, Neutral Earthing Transformer and resistor banks.


We look forward to meeting your next challenging requirement.

For further information: sales@stemar.com.au