Welcome to Stemar

Our mission is to provide sound technically competitive
solutions for Transformers, Metering and Distribution components


Manufacturing Facilities

Core Manufacturing Facilities

For quick response we have our own core manufacturing facilities with 2 core winding machines and two annealing ovens.

Transformer Winding Facilities

With a total of 15 toroidal winding machines and 4 linear winders we can produce CT's, voltage and control transformers to the following maximum specifications:

Current Transformers

  • Maximum outer dia: 1200mm
  • Maximum height:400mm
  • Maximum Weight:400KG


  • Maximum length:1000mm
  • Maximum Diameter of Coils: 800mm

Epoxy Casting

  • Automatic epoxy dispensing and mixing machines
  • Temperature controlled curing ovens
  • Vacuum Bell for casting under atmosphere


We operate two testing laboratories utilizing the latest electronic test equipement which is fully calibrated for both CT and transformer testing. In addition we also have portable CT testing units for testing of CT's on Circuit Breakers and on Switchgear. Our main laboratory is NATA accredited. Read More