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Voltage Transformers

Types of Voltage Transformers

Uniformly Insulated - A VT having all primary connections of equal or rated insulation level.

Non-Uniformly Insulated - A VT having one primary terminal intended for direct or indirect connection to earth, which terminal being assigned a lower rated insulation level than the other primary terminal(s).

Broken Delta - The connection in Delta of three secondary winding of either a three phase VT or a three phase group of single phase VTs, one of the connections making the delta being open for the purpose of supplying a secondary circuit.


Stemar can supply Voltage Transformers with the following construction methods. Open type, Toroidal both taped and enclosed, Resin cast, oil filled and air cooled. Enclosures can be supplied for all types of VT's

Applicable Standards

With the event of a global market Voltage Transformers are manufactured to a number of different standards but in Australia we predominately work with the following: AS1243:1982 AS60044-2:2002

Voltage transformers can be supplied by Stemar to meet any of the recognized standards for primary voltages up to 36kV and secondary voltages upto 3.3kV of various different ratings for metering and protection.

Please forward your enquiry with your detailed specification to sales@stemar.com.au